Education & Training


Certificate of Courses are given, after Course participants have attended at least 80% of Prescibed or chosen Courses, have taken all required examinations or its equivalent and met all other administrative requirements.

(a) Education: We offer on-line Courses & Training. For more information go to:


Interested individuals or groups could participate in our on-line Educational activities to improve participants’ skills and qualifications.

It is opened to everyone, it could be taken from the Comfort of your homes, Offices, Schools and Organisations etc. Paid Courses are opened to everyone. We offer a broad range of courses & training outlined to meet individual, Professional or community needs. For more information, Please go to:

Courses and training are given by qualified and experienced tutors.

Certificate of Course attendance is given at the end of the year with details of courses taken and results.

As part of our goals, we intend to assist Nigerian youths by contributing to their dream of achieving better future goals, we have created a program called Youths’ Empowerment Project. The Project is aimed at Primary and Junior Secondary School Students especially from disadvantaged homes & background, from Primary 5 – 6 to J.S.S 1-3, implementing the Nigerian Educational Curriculum. We intend to offer free Mathematics & English classes to Primary and Junior Secondary School Students in Nigeria and it also extended to Children of Nigerian Parental origin in the diaspora, in the above mentioned classes or age group, but in order to participate, all interested Students have to be registered.

We offer the following Nigerian Languages FREE OF CHARGE: a)Yoruba, b)Igbo, c)Hausa, d)Edo, e)Efik & Ibibio, f)Fulfude, g)Kanuri

Teenage and Adult Females only classes are also available. We hope to encourage Female Education in various courses we have available, especially for those in remote parts of the Country with difficult accessibility or inaccessible due to cultural, religious or other reasons. For more information, Please go to:

Free and Periodically Chosen Basic Vocational training (opened to Nigerian youths) inorder to empower the youths and reduce youth unemployment in Nigeria. It is hoped that there will be available support for this Project.

All registered students and Training Participants are given identity card numbers and a password is given which is periodically renewed.
a)Participants will be taught according to the Nigerian Schools’ Curriculum or as demanded and paid for by individuals and groups.
b)Participants are urged to register, giving their names, Surnames, Place & Date of Birth and valid Passport Number or National Identity Numbers.
c)As Certificates of Course completion will be awarded with your Picture & formal details. It is hoped that there will be available support for this educational Project which could possibly be extended to other JSS subjects in the future.

Other subjects, courses and trainings offered are paid for. For more information, Interested individuals, groups, Organisations & Communities could go to:

Science & Technology: This aspect is opened for those whose passion is in the area of science and Technology, as it opens viewers to latest happenings in the area of technology and how Nigeria could gain from it.

Promoting Nigerian made Technology: Meant to promote talented Nigerian Youths in the area of Technology. Individuals with Proven & practical technology skills, with Project evidence could send in a promo video of any technological break-through, it could be Published on this platform.

Youths empowerment forum: Talented Youths could advertise their skills and attract interested Employers.

Specialised Training: We Offer European Standard On-line Specialised training and Vocational training courses. Training offered are paid for. For more information, Interested individuals, Communities, Schools or Organisations could go to:

Research & Development: This aspect touches on very important issues of National & Citizens’ concern. It could be in any aspect of the Society. Thus, it is done from time to time.

Periodical Survey: we carry out Periodical survey concerning on-going matters/ events / issues of Citizens’concern, Community concerns, especially issues that affect Peoples’daily lives which Policy makers are expected to pay attention to. It could be carried out on weekly, fortnight or monthly basis. Citizens’opinions are made known for Policy makers awareness.